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Next Step Coaching

Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be

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What I Do

I work with women who feel and experience things very deeply and often describe themselves as highly sensitive and emotional. They have unique challenges in their intimate relationships. I help them to find a place of mutual understanding, acknowledgement and ownership of them self as a highly sensitive person and how to be spontaneous, joyful and adventurous in their relationship.

More about me
What I Do

Focused Work

Enthusiastic encouragement.
Inspired, creative personal solutions.

Tailor-made Consultations

Personalized one on one Coaching Session.
Focused on current needs.

Personal Expansion

Open up to limitless possibilities.
Rediscover your natural curiosity and enthusiasm.

What My Clients Say

  • Karin is so good at helping Highly Sensitive People like me who get easily overwhelmed. I have been procrastinating to complete tasks for my business for a while. Just thinking about it brought on anxious feelings. Karin helped me to see my way past those feelings of embarrassment and overwhelm. I am happy to report that I have taken those next steps.

    Lou Ellyn Jones USA
  • With Karin’s help I was able to uncover connections I couldn’t find on my own. Being an HSP myself, I am unable to “take things lightly”, and I have always felt understood and safe with Karin. Her vivid sense of humor made it easy to work with her and even the most serious problems were suddenly manageable

    Veronica Allmann – Austria
  • “I have really enjoyed working with Karin. Karin has a very strong intuitive sense and ability to put me at ease especially when tapping on difficult issues. I believe Karin’s sensitivity combined with her EFT tapping skills makes for a powerful yet gentle healing experience”

    Kerri Fitzpatrick – Australia
  • Working with Karin is a joy as she brings her heart and skills into her EFT coaching sessions. I worked with Karin several times on different topics. I found working with Karin so valuable, I referred my daughter to her…a definite sign of trust in Karin’s abilities as an EFT coach.

    Shannon King – USA
  • I highly recommend working with Karin. Her out of the box thinking and intuitive approach, combined with EFT takes you into a world of curiosity and exploration with no more comfort zone, no more can’t do, and plenty of good for the soul laughter along the way.

    Debra Parry – UK