I try to avoid anger as much as possible, yet recently I was very angry. I felt the anger in my whole body.
So, I took a big canvas, my soft pastel crayons and started to draw, big fluid lines. I just picked the colors that jumped at me. I did not even think, I just drew.
As I was drawing I noticed that the anger subsided. The interesting thing about that piece is that it feels very calm and peaceful. Since then I have been expressing a wide variety of feelings through my artwork. This process allows me to reflect on and work through my emotions.
Anger is one of the feelings many people don’t feel comfortable looking at, expressing or even feeling. We avoid it like the plague,yet it is a normal and many times important feeling.
However, due to the nature of anger it may often lead to negative outcomes. Expressing this emotion and others through art is a safe way to start feeling comfortable with anger, and lets you control your anger so it does not control you.