One morning this spring I woke up to a text message letting me know that my place of work  had burned down overnight.It felt unreal, surreal. It was real. Imagine my shock, my worry about my future and everyone affected by this. I was sobbing and my hands were shaking. As a HSP (Highly sensitive person) I experience feelings very intense and deeply. Then I remembered to use EFT (Emotional freedom techniques). I started to tap on the meridian points and stated out loud the things that came to my scared mind. After a few rounds I came to a point where I stopped crying and shaking and where I could start to think clearly again. That morning I was reminded that I have no control over external events. However I have control over my reactions and actions. By choosing to tap, I squarely looked all my fears in the eye, they could no longer control me.  I addressed them one by one, I did not push them aside, I made my peace with them.I could have chosen to feel like a victim, poor me, but I did not. I chose to deal with my feelings and then took the next step.