Have you ever tried to explain to someone how you feel and they just couldn’t relate? You use different examples to clarify the depth of your feeling, yet they still can’t get you. It feels like you are talking in a different language. Even though they want to understand, they can’t.

You get louder to get your point across. As if, that ever helps.
When it comes to the feelings of HSPs, ( Highly Sensitive People) speaking louder about feelings through the use of bigger and stronger words, brings the illusion of understanding while being completely counterproductive. This can be exhausting to others.

Have you ever visited a country where you did not speak the language? Remember how exhausting, frustrating, and annoying that is? Remember how helpless you feel when you need to communicate with another person but they don’t understand what you are asking for? This is how HSPs,their family and friends often feel. HSPs forget that others may not be on the same emotional wavelength, something that causes confusion equivalent to speaking another language.

Being able to express your feelings is important and while articulation is vital, don’t fear a lack of immediate understanding. Breathe. Give it time and let your authentic emotional experience be enough.

(Text Karin Goldgruber, Image Vera Arsic- Pexels)