Only hard work is valued and appreciated in our society.
Remember the last time you told someone that a project was easy, like child’s play? I bet the first reaction was envy. Then it turned into skepticism. It was implied that you didn’t do a thorough job. That you took shortcuts or plain old,just cheated.
Why is it not acceptable that work is anything but hard, difficult and miserable? Why can’t work be like child’s play? Easy and fun.
The funny thing is, as kids we pretended to be grown ups at work. We imagined ourselves to be teachers, nurses, police officers, cowboys and doctors.
Work was still fun. We did not take anything, anyone or ourselves too serious.
What kind of programming did we receive in order to believe that work is more valuable then play? Did we not learn most of the skills we use as adults through play?
How did play and fun get such a bad reputation? Grow up! Many of us were told when we finished our secondary education. Suddenly we had to take everything very serious. Especially our superiors. We were not allowed to enjoy work, work is something you do, but you never enjoy it. Work is serious business.
You were definitely not allowed to question anyone and the way things were done. What has this seriousness brought us?
Stress, worries and unhappy people. What if we could again approach work, like kids? What if we could have fun, be curious, be open to change, and look forward to playing every day?