I have beautiful, brown, high heeled, lace up winter boots my sister gave me. In those boots I feel tall and elegant, I love the way I feel when I wear them. My knees and hips don’t. Yet, I keep wearing them. The pain prompted me to think about wanting to follow in someone’s footsteps. Why would I do that?

As a child I wanted to be like everyone else. I tried for years. I felt like a chameleon. Instead of taking on colours, I took on feelings and opinions. Since I was very perceptive of what was expected of me, it was easy for me to be what they wanted. I had no idea that I ignored who I was. I didn’t realize that this was the cause of my underlying unhappiness and sadness. I didn’t want to be myself. I didn’t want to be different. I only saw the painful aspects of feeling so strongly because I didn’t know about High Sensitivity.

As HSPs (highly sensitive person) we may have a tendency to overcompensate and totally lose who we are. We see only what we want in others and think we have to be a carbon copy. Life will be hard whether you walk your path or follow someone’s else’s footsteps. Might as well be authentic. Take the next step. And then another.