“What’s wrong with me”? whispers the familiar voice in her head. “I will never get this right. It will never change. I will always be too sensitive, too much.” She wants to run away but she can’t hide from herself. She is lying in bed, beating herself up. Her partner is in another room. Doesn’t want to talk with her. He can’t take another discussion about feelings.

Thoughts are tumbling in her mind. He just made an observation. She reacted strongly. Again. She retreated into her shell of silence. Automatically. She is caught in her silence. Paralyzed. Afraid to say the wrong thing. Again.

He comes back after a while,kisses her good night. She feels like she is made of glass. Scared. Certain that next time her partner says:” You are too sensitive,” she will shatter. She won’t be able to put the pieces together. She wants to cuddle up to him, but she can’t. It takes her forever to fall asleep.
I am sorry, I always react so strongly she whispers in the morning.

She knows, she needs to change something. She has tried everything. She needs help. It’s difficult to ask for or accept help. She desperately needs answers but other peoples answers never work for her. She knows, she can’t do this alone any longer.

I felt like that . I was ashamed for feeling and reacting so strongly all the time. For being different. Always defensive about it. I was at a loss. When I learned about High Sensitive People, I experienced a huge shift in how I perceived myself and my life. I realized I was not the only one. I still felt weird and different. I still felt everything strongly. I kept repeating the same thoughts and patterns of behavior.

Yet awareness was not enough.

I needed a way not only to work on the behavior, I had to get to the root of my behavior. I turned to EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques aka tapping and step by step my life started to change. I noticed why I overreacted. I saw patterns. I looked at my feelings and beliefs. I started to change beliefs about myself. Then, behaviors started to change.

Tapping helped me when I felt paralyzed. Hurt, pain and unexpected changes forced me to look at myself. In the process I discovered my strength, my determination and my tenacity and rediscovered my love for life, my curiosity and my joy. Through the use of EFT I am able to deal with the overwhelm and the strong feelings I still experience. Through tapping I find my own answers and I can help you find yours.