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Is it possible for Highly Sensitive People to worry less? - Karin Goldgruber

As humans we are hardwired to remember negative events in order to keep us safe and alive. Over the years we create many beliefs like ;” I am not good at math”, “ I can’t do anything right ”, “Nobody likes me” and many more.

We are aware of some of them and others influence our thinking, behaviour and reasoning without us even knowing. It seems impossible to change those old, limiting beliefs.

Since I started developing a program for Highly Sensitive Business People to reduce limiting core beliefs that prevent them from creating the business of their dreams, many of my own core beliefs have popped up like mushrooms after a heavy rain.

At first it felt discouraging and quite overwhelming.

I didn’t realize how wonderful it was that these unconscious beliefs came to the surface.

Being able to hear my negative self talk was often discouraging yet illuminating at the same time. It was like getting feedback from a mentor that you don’t want to hear but deep down you know that you need to hear it, in order to make changes.

It’s difficult to learn things about yourself that are painful. Yet the pain of noticing beliefs, some handed down and some self generated. was necessary to be able to process, release or change them.

It took time, patience and openness to find out why and how I had formed negative beliefs about myself and the world. I am realizing that often I made wrong  assumptions about myself that influenced most of my life. The more I work with core beliefs the more I notice changes in my thinking, behaviour and consequently in my life and my business.

I used to worry a lot about many things.

Lately I have heard myself saying:” No need to worry about something that may never happen.”

If you are curious what kind of beliefs are holding you, as a Highly Sensitive Person, back  from starting or expanding your business check out my upcoming program. (click on picture for more info)