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Who is the expert in your life? - Karin Goldgruber

After several attempts to turn the Baby around, an appointment was booked to have labour induced for a breech birth with the help of my gynecologist.

The nurse told us, after doing her thing, that it would take quite a while until things would get started, and not to bother her, and then she left. She was actually quite stern about not bugging her.

Suddenly I felt this tiny sensation inside my body and something felt wrong. I just couldn’t explain it. I asked my husband to get the nurse, something was wrong but I didn’t know what.

Both of us had been raised to yield to a professional’s opinion, so when I asked him to get her he wondered briefly if it was necessary or if we should wait just a bit longer. 

Normally I would have agreed to wait and see, just a bit longer. I surprised both of us by calmly insisting that something didn’t feel right and to get her immediately.

At first she was upset for calling her but when she looked at the vital signs, her demeanour changed.

My tiny feeling was right, something wasn’t right. My baby’s heartbeat was through the roof and we were quickly whisked away for an emergency C-section. The umbilical cord had been wrapped around his neck. An amazing team of experts delivered my youngest son and we happily held him in our arms not long after.

If I hadn’t listened to that tiny feeling, if my husband hadn’t been there to support me, my family, my life might look quite differently now.

Often we don’t listen to our inner voice, because it is quiet. We choose to listen to an expert’s voice because their voice is often louder and we place more weight on their education and experience. Please don’t get me wrong, it is very important to get an expert’s advice.

Yet, often we ignore our knowledge about ourselves. We forget that we know ourselves best.  It’s not us versus the experts. It’s not us against them. It’s about gathering information and listening to experts and then to make the decision that is right for us. To do what makes sense for us, even others might not understand and even question us about our choice.

In my coaching sessions I am encouraging my clients to listen to their inner voice. I ask them questions to find the best solution for them. Again and again I am amazed at the ingenious solutions they bring forth.

Sometimes  they just want to be told what to do, it seems easier and quicker.” Please tell me what to do.”

 Of course I tell them to do certain things like:” listen to yourself”, “acknowledge your feelings”, and “ use EFT on a regular basis”.

However I would do them a disservice if I didn’t encourage them to see them self as the expert in their life and to listen and do what that quiet inner voice tells them to do.

I am certainly grateful that I chose to listen to my inner voice and to get the nurse. I would not be writing these articles because Dan is the one who keeps encouraging me to write.

My life wouldn’t be the same if I had not listened to my quiet inner voice.

Text by Karin Goldgruber Photo courtesy of Pexels-pixabay-260024