Simple Steps to Reduce Stress


Simple Steps to reduce Stress

Are you stressed and worried just thinking about the upcoming holidays?

Would you like to experience more calm, joy and peace during the festive season?

Discover a different way, to deal with stress from overstimulation and high expectations.

Begin to take simple steps to reduce stress and find peace during this busy time of the year.




Simple Steps to Reduce Stress

Have you noticed that your intense emotions and reactions are impacting you especially during holidays?

Join me, as I talk about easy ways to minimize stress and feelings of overwhelm.

You will gain  a different understanding of stress and learn when stress is most often experienced.

Begin to embrace  yourself and your strong emotions and reactions differently to be calmer, more joyful and peaceful during the holiday season.

Workshop Date

December 5, 2020
10-11 a.m. Eastern
Via Zoom video conferencing


What My Clients Say

Karin helped my push through tough projects with EFT because I would get to 80 % complete, and then drift away from finishing with the same enthusiasm as I had in the beginning. After one session, I find myself sticking to the challenge until I get to the finish line. It's helped me tremendously.

Penny Tremblay, Founder
Tremblay Leadership Center
North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Working with Karin on limiting core beliefs has been a truly informational experience since our first session. Her approach is direct, gentle, fun and deeply intuitive. I can’t recommend her enough!

Martina Buchal
Award-Winning International Speaker and Coach

Karin has a real gift for this work. I felt very safe with her while revisiting the childhood source of a limiting belief. After our session, I felt a great lightness of spirit and new possibilities opening up for me.

Nell Allen,
Retired Ecologist and Farmer
United States of America

Well Karin-you did it! You helped me take the Next FEW Steps! Thanks to your gentle and understanding nature, you helped me develop the strategies that were perfect for me to finally get started! Many thanks for your caring expertise.

Laurie Booker RDH,
Certified Accredited EFT Practitioner